Excellence in all we do, something Doug Foster embodies everyday. The NYS Motor Truck Association Driver of the Year Award goes to a driver with outstanding driving records and who display’s their professionalism both on and off the road. Winners are often very involved in their community, through safety education or other civic pursuits. Doug is no stranger to these qualifications. Doug has served in the U.S. Army 101st Airborne, 25 years in both the Modena Fire Department and Wallkill Ambulance squad, Senior member of Civil Air Patrol, and has had 21 years of commercial driving with no accidents. Doug continues to lead by example in his community and at work with his colleagues. Whether it’s in the field volunteering his time, or driving commercial vehicles at work, Doug takes pride in the work he does. Congrats Doug, thank you for your service to your community, and keep up the good work!